We will RE-SURFACE your original Clutch Plates with Kevlar or Carbon.

Wet Clutch plates need replacing. Your wet clutch slipping or can't find clutch plates...

We will RE-SURFACE your original Wet Clutch Plates with Kevlar or Carbon.
Your Clutch will have more grip, a longer life and you get a simple cost effective solution.

WET CLUTCH SOLUTION : We will RE-SURFACE your Clutch Plates with Kevlar or Carbon. More grip and longer clutch life, a simple cost effective and fast solution.

For Motorcycles, Quads, Drag Bikes, Tractors or Mowers; With a Wet Clutch, plate wear is not always obvious. Simply the loss of drive is subtle and progressive so it is not as easily noticed and it is difficult to check. When higher 'Coefficient of Friction' materials like Kevlar and Carbon are used you get to see what is possible.

We looked to improve the Friction material and reduce the cost. Resurfacing your existing Clutch Plates with materials with a higher 'Coefficient of Friction' makes sense from every angle. More drive and you save - Replace with Mr Clutch. 

We supply re-surfaced wet clutch plates with better gripping Kevlar or Carbon.

For all Motorcycles with Wet Clutches; Off-Road, Drag Racing, Street riding and even Factory race engines. RESURFACING is a reliable, high quality, cost effective way to improve Clutch performance or freshen up worn Clutch plates. 

With a Wet Clutch, plate wear is not always obvious. Simply the loss of drive is subtle and progressive so it is not as easily noticed. OEM Wet Clutch Plates are mostly rubber impregnated cork with a low co efficient of about 0.3. Cork is not expensive, not known to grip well and does not handle heat well - it's a compromise.

For more drive and longer Clutch life you need a Friction Surface with a higher coefficient of friction (COF 0.6 or higher), higher COF materials have greater texture, provide more grip and last longer.  ...and grip and long life is what you want from your Clutch, right !.

Friction plates with Kevlar offer a co efficient of about 0.13 and usually handle temperatures of up to 300deg C, Kevlar gives more grip and longer Clutch life.

Friction Plates with high stress Carbon offer a similar co efficient to Kevlar. Carbon is even more temperature resistant therefore Carbon is best for constant high RPM performance engines. 

THE SOLUTION - Resurface your existing Friction Plates with Kevlar or Carbon to improve clutch performance and longer plate life. 

KEVLAR Resurfaced Clutch Plates are recommended for:

    • street riding,

    • drag racing,

    • sprint road racing, 

    • off road use.


    • The minimum order (esspecially to custom resurface one plate) is $100.00.


  • CARBON Resurfaced Clutch Plates are recommended for:

      • high RPM motors,

      • race stressed motors,

      • long distance road riding, 

      • endurance racing.



    It's SIMPLE - Email us info@mrclutch.com.au : Fricton Plate Outside Dia, Insdie Dia, Thickness of Fricton material required, Thickness of metal part of the friction plate, number of fricton plates, number of steel plates.


      • Replaced with a higher coefficient of friction material.

      • Replaced with quality Kevlar or Carbon.

      • Drive is usually improved due to Resurfacing.

      • longer Clutch life mostly results from Resurfacing.

      • It's a fast and convenient service.

      • It's a cost effective solution.

      Why pay for OEM when you can get more performance and SAVE...