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Slipper Clutches for most Motorcycles.

Street, Road Racing, Enduro & Off-Road - we have a Slipper Clutch for most bikes.

FOR THE ROAD RIDER - A Slipper Clutch prevents the lock up and hopping of the back wheel during fast down-changes and gives more control and safety especially on the entry to turns! The anti-hopping-clutch gives you optimum safety and security.

FOR THE ROAD RACE TRACK - A Slipper Clutch reduces the transition time on Corner entry. A smoother gear change down, braking and then throttle on transition, a smooth transition from braking to corner exit that must be worth seconds a Lap.

FOR OFF-ROAD - A Slipper Clutch reduces the rear wheel lock up, down hill, into corners, loose surface. A smoother gear change down and easier decents, more control when stoping. Make life easy.


Ducabike range of Clutch Parts for Ducati.
MPL Clutch Parts.
Sigma Slipper Clutches.
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Sportsbike Ducationly Racing Team.

Sportsbike DUCATIONLY Racing Test and Develop for Mr Clutch at Ride Days and in Australian Racing.

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