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Why does my Ducati Clutch Rattle?

There is nothing worse than a beautiful Ducati with a noisy Clutch 'rattle'. Some say the "rattle' comes from the Steel Clutch Basket and Plates wearing because the materials used are not compatable. Some say it is because it is a Dry Clutch and the sound is not reduced by Oil. Some say it is because the Clutch 'Fingers' are too far apart and the impact makes the noise.

The Clutch Plate surface will wear because they are always gripping. But the OEM Steel Clutch Basket wears the Clutch Friction Plates on the little 'tabs' and THE NOISE INCREASES...

It takes so much away from the appeal of a Ducati. Can the sound be lessened, YES. Will the sound go away completely, NO. Can we help to reduce the noise, YES.

The 'RATTLE' problem is known, so what is the solution?

In our experience from many years of racing and riding Ducati, there are three essential steps to managing Ducati Clutch noise.

SOLUTION STEP 1. Replace the OEM Steel Clutch Basket with a Hardened Alloy Clutch Basket.

The DUCABIKE Clutch Basket has thicker fingers and narrower gaps between the Basket Fingers, the Alloy material is more compatable with Clutch Plates and this goes a long way to reducing noise.

  1. DUCABIKE HARDENED CLUTCH BASKET has a hardened Gray coating to reduce wear and is designed for longer clutch plate and clutch basket life. The thicker basket 'fingers' with narrower slots are designed to reduce 'Rattling'. These features go a long way to reduce clutch plate tab wear and 'RATTLE'.

    ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: The DUCABIKE Basket also reduces rotating mass thus increasing the agility of the motor. The Ring stops the Basket 'Fingers' separating at high RPM to give better long life and performance and the DUCABIKE Basket can be used with OEM Clutch centre and plates. DUCABIKE HARDENED CLUTCH BASKET - AUD$288.
DUCABIKE Ducati Clutch Basket, hardened for all Ducati 748, Ducati 916, Ducati 996, Ducati 998, Ducati 749, Ducati 999, Ducati 1098, Ducati 1198, Streetfighter, Ducati 900SS, Ducati Monster, Ducati S2R, Ducati S4R, Ducati ST2, Ducati ST4 and Ducati multistrada and air Cooled Ducati Motors after 2000.

SOLUTION STEP 2. Install a Mr Clutch complete Sintered Friction and Steel Plate pack.

Mr Clutch Sintered Brass Clutch Plates for Ducati are a higher specification than normal, they offer exceptional wear and great drive. Sometimes larger and usually harder Sintered Friction areas give longer Clutch life and better performance. The plates are compatable with both OEM and Hardened Clutch Baskets.

  1. COMPLETE REPLACEMENT CLUTCH PACK: With the complete Mr Clutch Clutch Pack you get direct replacement Sintered plates for street riding and road racing application.

    Excellent for Slipper Clutches and high wear applications, the complete Pack comes with 8 Sintered Friction Plates, 10 Steel 'Driven' Plates, Installation & Care Instructions. For 1098/1198 an additional initial Steel Plate is included to help achieve the correct Pack thickness. COMPLETE CLUTCH PACK - AUD$449.

Mr Clutch - Clutch packs for Ducati 748, Ducati 916, Ducati 996, Ducati 998, Ducati 749, Ducati 999, Ducati 1098, Ducati 1198, Ducati Monster, Ducati S2R, Ducati S4R, Ducati ST2, Ducati ST4 and Ducati Multistrada.

If you are not sure which Mr Clutch Clutch Pack is best for your Ducati Model...


When you Order a new Mr Clutch pack, you get instructions on how to maintain your Clutch Pack correctly. The information is explained in the Installation Instructions. With this information and the above three steps, you can reduce the Clutch Rattle as much as possible and maintain your Ducati Clutch correctly.

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Sintered Brass Clutch Friction Plates for Dry Ducati Clutches.
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DUCABIKE have a range of Slipper Clutches for Ducati. They are reasonably priced and most include a Hardened Clutch Basket... GO HERE.

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